Friday, September 25, 2015

DOPP: July and August

I am so behind on sharing my scrapbooking project for this year. But I am still plugging along and doing the layouts each week so here I am finally sharing July and August. I actually made July into a video and you can view it below. July was fun. We celebrated 4th of July and our second year anniversary. Clark also had a mission in California so he was gone for most of the month. I also did my first Whole30

In August Clark got back from California! Which was awesome. We celebrated Knox’s birthday. Clark and I went to the Caribbean for the first time. We went to the island of St. Croix and it was awesome. I gave St. Croix it’s own two page spread because I had a TON of photos and of course it deserved it’s own pages haha. And we started another Whole30! Some of our best friends moved away to Colorado which was sad :( 
As you can see some weeks I did better then others. It’s not necessarily that I am not taking photos that week but more so that it was a laid back week and not much to document. July and August were good months. I am sad that summer is over but glad to be out of that humidity fog. I am very excited for fall and all it has to offer. I hope to take full advantage of autumn this year and I hope you guys do to! Also, cheers to the fricken weekend!
love, Carlee

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