Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tan Tan Tours

So we basically packed everything we could into our vacation until the airplane wheels were off the ground. On our last day in St. Croix we scheduled a half day Tan Tan Tour. The half day was from 9-1pm and it was the perfect amount of time. I am so glad we did it as well. Our flight didn’t leave until 6pm and our hotel let us have a late checkout so it worked out perfectly.
Our tour guide was actually Kendell who was our waiter the night before at the Palms at Pelican Cove for Caribbean Night. So it was really fun to see him again and he was a really nice guy and knew a lot of information about the island so that was nice. I would totally recommend doing the Tan Tan Tour. We left the Christiansted broad walk at 9am and then got gas and you could buy some waters or other drinks to put in the jeep cooler. Then we headed for the mountains. We ended up on the highest point in St. Croix where Kendell pointed out lots of different stuff on the island like the rum distilleries, big resorts, where Christopher Columbus landed, the National Guard base, the USVI university. etc. It was awesome to see St. Croix for the highest point. We also got to see a 250+ year old sugar mill and Kendell explained to us how it works and what a day would have been like for the slaves working there.
Then we drove through the rain forest and made our way down to the tide pools. The drive was very Indiana Jones ish. Have you ever been on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland it was like that but 10X and this was real life so hold on and watch out for tree branches. The tide pools were awesome. We got to swim for a while and take photos and explore. I am glad we didn’t hike all the way into the tide pools because that would have been a long walk. After the tide pools we went to the Domino Club to give the beer drinking pigs some beer. It was non-aholcolic, don’t worry. It cost $1 per person to go into the pig hunt and it cost $2 per beer and they only take cash so bring some cash if you want to do the beer drinking pigs. It was a fun tour and we made it back to the broad walk at 1pm. It was worth the money and the time. Recommended!
love, Carlee

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  1. Carlee,

    I am LOVING these posts sharing tidbits of your trip with Clark! They're so colorful and summery - I have to admit I am tad bit jealous! How fun though! I cracked up at the photos of Clark feeding a beer can to that pig - that's something my boyfriend, Jacob would do. Glad you guys enjoyed your trip!

    The Flame Dame


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