Monday, August 21, 2017

Flavian Amphitheater, Pozzuoli

Another day another gorgeous place to explore near Naples. There are so many old historical ruins here in Italy. It's actually crazy. We will be driving and there will be an old castle or amphitheater just on the side of the road. I had read about this amphitheater and knew I wanted to take my little brother to visit it when he was here in June. He was really into the old ruins like Pompeii.
I also really like exploring places like this cause they aren't that well known among most tourists so there are not very many people visiting. I think the day we went there was like two other people on the site the whole time we were there. The underground of this amphitheater was amazing. It is better preserved than even the Colosseums underground. I guess the Colosseum has really impressive arches and walls and size so not having a great underground is okay. But it is cool to see some amphitheaters with really intact underground areas. The other one that is really well preserved is Anfiteator Campano. Which we visited back in April. 
The amphitheater is actually the third largest amphitheater in all of Italy. There is a small amphitheater in Pozzuoli as well but it is almost completely destroyed because of the railway from Naples to Rome that was put in. Which is very sad. I wish that all history was preserved but I guess in really old countries like Italy if all the history was preserved there would be absolutely no room for the new. One of the reasons the interior is so well preserved is that the volcano Solfatara actually erupted and covered some of it so it was kept well intact until archeologist started uncovering it from 1880s until 1940s. Like I say with everything, worth the visit if you are in the area and want to avoid the crowds of some of the main tourist areas.
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