Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Italian cooking class + tiramisu recipe

On Monday, a few friends and I attending an Italian cooking class. It was hosted by a lovely Italian woman and her daughter at there beautiful home. It was the first Italian cooking class I have attended and it was fabulous. It was really hands on as well and the ladies had paper and pens for us to write down the recipes and I brought my camera to document some of the process. The first thing we made was tiramisu because you have to refrigerate it for about 2 hours. See recipe below. We also made meatballs, pasta, ragu, eggplant parmesan, and bruschetta. 
Tiramisu You'll Need:
Espresso coffee (8 servings) let cool
4 Eggs
Lady Fingers about 50
Sugar - 4 heaping Tbsps
Mascarpone 500g (Italian soft cheese)

1. You'll need 2 bowls. Separate the egg whites into one of the bowls and the yokes into the other. 
2. 2 of the Tbsps of sugar in the yoke bowl and the other 2 in the egg white bowl
3. Egg white bowl. Mix really well with mixer until frothy. About 5 minutes. 
4. Stir yoke bowl with mixer and add all Mascarpone to bowl and stir well. 
5. Add egg white bowl to bowl with egg yokes. Stir well to make a cream. 
6. Use a glass 13x9 inch pan. Spread a layer of the cream on bottom of pan, just enough to cover. 
7. Fully dip Lady Fingers (one at a time) into the espresso and put on top of layer of cream. Continue until there is one layer of lady fingers on the bottom of pan. About 25 lady fingers. 
8. Spread a thick layer of cream on top of the lady fingers. 
9. Do step 7 again for another layer of lady fingers. 
10. Spread another thick layer of cream on top of the last lady finger layer. Use all the cream. 
11. Sprinkle cocoa power on top of cream. A sifter would work well. 
12. Add chocolate shavings to top. 
13. Refrigerate for 2 hours. 
I know it seems like a lot of steps but the recipe was actually super easy and turned out so yummy! 
love, Carlee

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