Thursday, August 3, 2017

Rīga, Latvia

So after visiting the Hill of Crosses we ended up in Riga, Latvia where we were staying for the next 2 nights. We were so lucky that the weather was basically perfect when we were in Riga. Blue skies and about 75-80 degrees. I kept saying how much I loved Riga and how I wouldn't mind living there but then I remember that we were only there in the summer and I am sure the winters are a very different story. But the city was really so beautiful. Of course we mainly stayed around Old Town so I can't speak for the outer parts of the city but what I did see seems lovely. It seemed safe, cute, lovely, and the people were very nice as well. 
We stayed at a hotel called Rixwell Domus Hotel which was in the perfect location. Serious so central. You could walk to everything from it and just step right outside for entertainment and food. I will say that it wasn't the most comfortable hotel. The bathroom wasn't even connected to our room. It was in the hall and the bed wasn't very comfy but I would give the hotel a 10/10 for location and maybe a 3/10 for comfort. I always try to book lodging close to the main sites that we walk to see. Even before I broke my leg that was always my strategy but now even more so. 
We spend our time walking around from tourist site to site. Seeing the Three Brothers, Stone Head, Riga Castle, the Orthodox Church, the Freedom Monument and the House of the Blackheads. We loved the House of the Blackheads the building itself was very pretty and amazing architecture and every time we walked by it there was another street performer. Someone playing the flute, a man singing opera, and two boys playing the cellos. It was definitely one of the highlight areas of the city, at least Riga Old Town. 
We found the food to be lovely in Riga as well. We had the best eclairs. We had never had them before and there was a pastry shop with great reviews called The Fat Cat with amazing eclairs. We ordered the peanut butter, oreo, raspberry, blackberry, and chocolate. We also has great hard ciders and this dark garlic rye bread that was fried (it kind of is the texture of a crouton. 
In the afternoon we took a river boat tour. It starts in the canal that runs through the middle of town and goes out to the big river and pass the port and under the bridges. It was cool to see the city from the water and take a nice little relaxing tour on the boat. We saw a lot of couples in row boats. While I am sure they thought it was a good idea at first they all seemed less then thrilled after a while. Probably not realizing how long the canal actually is or how tiring rowing can get haha. We appreciated when we saw the girls and guys switch positions, so the girl was rowing. Squashing those gender rows haha. Wonderful visit. 
love, Carlee
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