Friday, August 25, 2017

Quick trip to Amsterdam

I took a quick trip to Amsterdam back in June when my little brother was flying back to the USA. He had a 24 hour layer so I decided to go up with him and we explored the city a little bit. We took the metro from the airport to Amsterdam Central which is right in the middle of town. We then hopped on a canal cruise. We did the cruise with the company Lovers which is also the cruise that Clark and I did last time we visited. It is a good one.
 It was a little cloudy when we were there but likely it never rained when we were walking around. It started to rain as soon as we were on the train back to the airport which is where the hotel was at that we were starting. We ate at a fun little Mexican restaurant, I really miss Mexican food and so whenever we go somewhere where there are Mexican restaurants I always want to eat at them. I actually accidentally left my phone at the restaurant but luckily when I went back the waitress had it.
The views of the pretty houses on the canal never get old. I am sure I will visit Amsterdam again in the future. There is still a lot I haven't seen that I would love to.
love, Carlee

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