Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter Weekend!

I hope y’all had a great Easter weekend. We had a fun one over here. On Saturday we attended our bases easter festivities as volunteers and we got to supervise the egg hunts and we got to put out candy. Oh yeah the egg hunts were really just candy hunts haha. We got to take a selfie with the Easter bunny and eat some really good food. 
On Easter Sunday we had brunch with our friends. It was a lovely day and they made eggs, pancakes, fruit, bacon, sausage, mimosas, and I brought over cinnamon rolls. We ate and then took a lovely walk on the boardwalk long the Mediterranean Sea. It was a great weekend. 
So have y’all heard about the 100 day project? I am going to do it with blog posts. Instead of actually churning out 100 posts I am going to do 50. One every other day. It’ll give me a chance to write and edit photos and not be too overwhelmed. For the last couple of years I have tried to do this project but each time I don’t make it very far and I thought maybe it’s because I’m not doing something I actually care about doing. I have been wanting to be better about blogging for a while now so I thought this might give me the push and motivation I need. We will see! 
love, Carlee
Coat: North Face
Jeans: NEX
Shoes: Nike


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