Sunday, April 22, 2018

Florence views

We got to see two amazing views of Florence from above. One from the top of the bell tower and one from Piazza del Michelangelo. First, I'll talk about the bell tower. I knew I either wanted to climb the bell tower or the duomo and since I heard the duomo is really crowded I decided on the bell tower. Also, I wanted to have the duomo dome in my photos. We wanted to do the bell tower first thing in the morning, it opens at 8:15am but you need tickets for the whole complex in order to climb the tower. So we went to the museum del opera the evening before to buy tickets. There was no lines for tickets at the museum. Then first thing the next morning we were in line before the bell tower opened to climb. In typical Italian fashion it opened a few minutes passed 8:15am but we were up and climbing the stairs in no time.
There is 414 stairs in total and it is quite a trek. The views are totally worth it but the stairways are pretty narrow. That is one reason I wanted to do it first thing. You climb up and down the same stairs so you pass people going up on your way down and I wasn't trying to get stuck in a narrow passageway with a bunch of people. We enjoyed the view from the top for a while. I was kind of sad that there was this big cage all around us but I guess safety first right? haha. I couldn't get the best photos on my camera because of the cage but we got some great ones on Clark's new iPhone 8. It takes such good photos compared to my iPhone 6. Sad face.
Piazza del Michelangelo views we saw after our pizza making experience. We needed to walk off our pizza and also I knew I was going to want more gelato that evening so a little extra hiking was worth it. Unfortunately, it was mostly raining but the walk was easy enough and it was easy to find our way up the hill and the big white stairs to the piazza with a great view. I totally recommend going there for the views of Florence. It is fun to see the iconic duomo sticking out over the other buildings of Florence. And someone offered to take a nice photo of Clark and I so you know #winning. 
love, Carlee
Striped hoodie: Old Navy
Coat: North Face
Purse: JCPennys
Pink camera strap: Mochithings


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