Monday, April 9, 2018

Vietri sul Mare

Last Friday Clark had the day off for Easter weekend so I looked at my “close day trips” list- yes I have a list. And Vietri sul Mare was on there only 1 hour away on the Amalfi coast. The weather was going to sunny and beautiful so we made our way south for a fun trip little day trip.

I mainly wanted to walk on the beach and look for sea glass so when we got to Vietri we drove all the way down through town to the water. Like many towns on the Amalfi coast the main part is up on a hill a bit. Totally walkable but we didn’t want to hike down and back up. So we parked right by the beach and paid the meter a couple euros and took our shoes off and walked in the sand. It wasn’t long before we were hunched over searching for sea glass and tile. It was everywhere and we found some really pretty pieces. I need to find a fun craft to use them on so I have a cool keepsake.

There was even people sunbathing and a couple people getting in the water. At first I thought it wasn’t warm enough but after our walk I wish I would have worn shorts and not black jeans. I think we probably even could have braved the water and it wouldn’t have even been that bad.

After we walked on the beach we walked to a cute little gelato shop. Can’t visit the beach without gelato. I take that back- can’t visit anywhere without getting gelato / ice cream. Imma right? Haha. I had two flavors that I had never had before: Biscotto (cookie) - (not biscotto oreo) and one was crocannte which was a berry flavor and really good. The name of the gelato place was Bar Gelateria Eco del Mare.

Shirt: Forever 21
Pants: Old Navy


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