Monday, June 11, 2018

Best Burger Drive-Ins in North Central WA

Hey guys I am back with a few recommendations if you are ever in Eastern Washington / North Central Washington. If you are in the market for a great burger or milkshake or corndog or chicken strip basket these places are for you! These are places from my childhood and I made sure to visit and eat at each one while I was home and I thought I would put them here just in case anyway was searching for some good food and retro decor. 
1. Lakeview Drive-In: Chelan WA
I ate at this one three times while I was home. It is only 20 minutes from my hometown so I ate here a lot when I was grow up and in the summers. They are only open from May to around September (maybe October.) They also recently downsized their menu but they still have all the good stuff. My favorite is the corn dog. Their burgers and chicken strips are also really good but my favorite park is the crinkle fries and fry sauce! They also have great ice cream and milkshakes. You can walk up, drive up, or call in your order ahead of time. There is only outdoor seating. Go here and order the french fries you won't be disappointed!
2. EZ's : Wenatchee WA
We stopped here when we were in Wenatchee after one of my brothers baseball games. I also remember eating here as a child mostly their milkshakes. I had mini corndogs (can you tell I miss corndogs, they don't have them in Italy!! haha) and fries. Once again great fry sauce. My mom had a burger she said was amazing and my brother had a bacon burger with a chocolate milkshake. I had a vanilla milkshake. Just doesn't seem like you should be able to visit a drive-in with out ordering a milkshake. This one is on more of the expensive side compared to the other two drive-ins I am recommending but still worth it and really fun decor!
3. Rusty's Drive-In : Cashmere WA
We ate here on our way from the airport to home when my mom picked me up. Their Rusty Burger is what they are famous for and it is delicious. We also got fries and onion rings! There fry sauce is a little odd so I wouldn't recommend that but everything else was spot on. 

Now these are not all of the great burger joints in Eastern Washington just the ones that I visited while I was back home. Also my bad for not taking any photos of the food besides my ice cream, you'll just have to take my word for it I guess. 
love, Carlee


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