Friday, June 22, 2018

Rio Tinto

Hey all! We just got back home from Spain, Portugal, and Gibraltar! It was one of the best trips we have been on and I definitely think I need to go back and spend a few more days in Lisbon. My posts are definitely going to be out of order but oh well, I write each post as the inspiration strikes so here we go... 

When driving from Spain back to the Algarve coast in Portugal I was looking for some fun stops along the way and one that I found was the Rio Tinto which means Red River and it is actually caused my minerals in the water that makes the water and rocks red! (More orange but you get the idea.) If you google Rio Tinto Spain you will come up with some really red areas of the river. 

I didn’t want to travel too far off the highway to get a look at the river cause I didn’t really know if the photos I saw online were just edited to perfection and the river maybe wasn’t as cool in person as I looked. So we stopped in the town of Niebla, Spain and parked by the Puente Romano de Niebla.

There were some dirt roads and pathways right by the river so it was easy to park and walk down and see it first hand. It is actually really cool and the whole river really is orange. If you are in southern Spain and need a quick place to stretch your legs I recommend the river it is pretty neat. 

I also read that there have been studies on the river and what kind of life, if any, lives in the river. Turns out there is life that lives in the river and scientists have a theory that it might be similar to life found on Mars because of the same minerals but who really knows....not me haha. 
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