Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Sewing machine paper garland

Hey, I haven't done a DIY project in a while and this fun easy garland was for my sister-in-law and brothers baby shower that my mom and I hosted when I was back in the states. So the answer is yes, I made this garland in Italy and packed it with me in my suitcase. I wanted to do an easy garland. I was looking on Pinterest and while some are so pretty they also look really tedious and I didn't want that. I saw someone had used their sewing machine and they sewed paper together. So that is what I did. 

First I chose circle and triangles because I had those punches for the paper. I wasn't going to spend my time cutting circles and triangles that matched so since I had those size and shape punches that is what I went with. I then put two circles together and ran them through my sewing machine on the basic stitch. I did this over and over alternating colors and also adding triangles in there every so often so mix it up. I also broke up all the blue with a few pale orange pieces. I did it to the length I thought would be long enough to drape in front of a table I figured I could always cut it shorter later. 

Once the garland was all sewn, I would fold the circles in half right over were the string stitched so that way it made a 3D garland with 4 edges coming out of the circles. They were easy to fold and stack in my suitcase and easy to unfold and spread out when decorating. I am sharing the photos from the baby shower tomorrow so stay tuned to see the garland in action!

love, Carlee


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