Friday, June 8, 2018

Taylor Swift Concert!

I got to see Taylor Swift on Tuesday, May 22, in Seattle and it was amazing. I have liked Taylor Swift since her debut album like 12 years ago. I lover her when she was country and lover her now that she crossed over to pop. This was the first time I saw her in concert and she is wonderful. The show was a full on production and so much detail went into everything. Even the confetti at the end was printed with her name in newspaper print. There was fireworks that were synchronized with the songs and we all got light up bracelets that changed colors and made different patterns the whole stadium was lit up and you could see everyone moving and swaying along with Taylor. I was truly amazing.
Charli XCX opened for Taylor and Charli was also amazing. Got the crowd totally hyped up and played lots of fun songs like Iggy's Fancy and her own bop right now Boom Clap. Camilla Cabello was suppose to preform too as an opening act but she ended up sick. I honestly just think she was hangover from the BBA and didn't feel well enough to come to Seattle which is really shitty. I mean it was ONLY 4 shows into a world stadium tour with Taylor Swift you probably need to have more stamina if you can't even last 4 shows. Back to Taylor though....
Before entering Centurtylink we walked around outside and got some food and also get to hold snakes since Taylor was called a snake and then took on the snake persona everything is snakes and there was live snakes for us to hold! Taylor came out to Ready For It... and she did like 5 outfit changed but had some outfits layered. At every show she plays a different old song acoustically and at our show she played Holy Ground which was awesome because it is my little brothers favorite. Oh did I mention that I went with my little bro and my mom. Almost all the concerts I have been to have been with my mom and we agreed this is definitely in the top 3 shows we have been too.
Another detail that I loved was the videos that either played with the songs on the big screen or were shown when she was doing outfit changes. The videos would be things like explaining why she disappeared from the spotlight or just cool snake graphics and desert roads.  Lots of fun stuff.

Also, if your wondering about my shirt. I bought a plain white camisole and did the Taylor Swift graphic in photoshop. I Googled "Taylor Swift png" to find photos that were photoshop compatible and already had the background deleted so I could overlap them easy. It was a little tedious but fun and I loved how it turned out. Once my little brother saw my shirt he wanted something to so I did a simple I heart T.S. for him with Taylor's face. 
love, Carlee
Jacket: TJ Maxx
Tank: DIY
Jeans: Old Navy 
Sunglass: Ray-ban


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