Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Happy New Year friends! Everyone is saying how they can't believe it is 2014 already and 2013 is over. 365 days gone. I can believe it because even though this was such a great year, I would even go as far as saying one of my best, so much has been accomplished this year and it has been great. You can look back on my last post to see all I have done. Now to the present, Clark and I headed out to the beach, the Outer Banks of North Carolina to be specific to spend a couple of days for New Years so that's why I'm a day late saying happy New Year. But all in all today is a good day because one year ago today, January 2nd. Clark and I got engaged. 
This is Bodie Island Lighthouse this was our first stop on our drive down the Outer Banks Scenic Byway. You see, we checked into our hotel, ran out to the beach to play with Knox for a bit then headed down the coast to see a couple of key spots and this was one of them. We actually did a lot of stopping on our way down the coast because it was so beautiful. More photos on that later. 

This lighthouse is actually the third lighthouse that has stood in this area along Cape Hatteras National Seashore and was built in 1872. It stands 156 feet tall and since April of last year you can climb the stairs up to the top. We didn't get to because it was closed until April 2014 to the public. Also if you were wondering the name is pronounced body according to its Wikipedia page. I actually loved seeing this lighthouse it was amazing to me how tall it was. On the Pacific coast the lighthouses I have seen aren't nearly as tall but that is probably because we have more mountains/hills on the Pacific coast. Anyways if you are ever in the Outer Banks area it is definitely a must see. 
I will admit last year I went pretty hard with my goal making list and while I did get a lot of the things accomplished that I wanted to some of the stuff just seemed like filler goals. You know what I mean? I do have a few hard core, want to get done goals that I am keeping to myself until they get accomplished. But one thing I would really love to do is another 365 project. I tried my first one last year. And I can already see that 365 projects aren't really popular for 2014 at least in the blogging world compared to 2013. Also my 365 project lasted about 4 months until it went under but I guess that is not stopping me from trying again. This year I want to do 365 photos of us. Clark and I. Not necessary just our person but our things and ways we show our personally. I think it might be kind of fun and I have absolutely no idea where this year will take me, in 8 months Clark might be deployed who knows. I only plan on sharing the photos at the end of every month so hopefully it is something I remember to do everyday. Let's see where this year takes us. 

Wow I had a lot to say in that post. Happy Thursday.
love, Carlee
Scarf: old
Jacket: Eddie Bauer
Shirt: Old navy
Leggings: American Eagle
Sunglasses: gift from Clark
Moccasins: Bearpaw 


  1. great post :) north carolina looks very beautiful! it seems like you had a great year and only better things await in this coming one. you just reminded me of the 365 challenge which i am now already behind by 3 days! and i think i know what you mean about filler goals as i have been frustrated in the goal department as of late too for the same reason, but i just keep trying to remind myself that all those tiny little goals are only stepping stones to reaching our big ones :)

    rae at lovefromberlin

  2. I love lighthouses and that one looks awesome!

  3. I love the Outer Banks, I have vacationed there since I was a kid. So beautiful, actually heading up there for 2 weeks in april with my 3yr old.


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