Monday, January 13, 2014

Lanier Falls

On Sunday we headed up to Raven Rock State Park which we had actually visited before. The time we visited before we took the trail and hiked to Raven Rock. This time we took the trail and hiked to Lanier Falls. To the river, where the falls is, and back was actually 5 miles. So it was a hell of a hike and my legs were definitely feeling the burn. But it was fun and Knox loved the long outdoor adventure. The falls actually wasn't much to see, the river was really high from the rain lately so I think that is why. I guess during the summer the falls is a pretty cool place and it is a fun place to relax and wade in the water.
It was a beautiful day which I was very pleased about, since it had been really rainy for a couple of days. Rainy days are the worst. So it was nice to spend the day outside enjoying the beautiful state of North Carolina. Even though this post is named Lanier Falls, this trip wasn't so much about the destination as it was the travel. Life is usually about the travels and not necessarily the destination. We don't always know that at the time but definitely looking back on photos and memories the travels come through and shine.
One thing that I do miss about Washington State in the winter is the snow. I guess the main reason is because the winter snow makes for lovely photographs and makes everything look so much more seasonal. But now that Christmas and New Years is over I am ready for spring. I have no idea what spring will be like in NC but I am excited to see what it is like. Some of the things I am looking forward to is the Dogwood Festival and my mom is coming the beginning of March which is probably the thing I am most excited about. So yeah, it was a good weekend and I hope everyone has a great Monday.
love, Carlee
Leggings: American Eagle
Hoodie: Gap
Tank: Victorias Secret
Shoes: Nike
Sunglasses: gift from Clark 

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  1. Looks like a beautiful place :) I'm ready for spring too!
    xo dana


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