Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow day

Aww snow. All these photos are from yesterday as now we are back to a somewhat normal schedule. Well actually Clark doesn't have to go into work until the afternoon so that is pretty cool. I am enjoying the nice midweek break and having my husband home to hang out with and of course Knox loves it. Knox also loves the snow. He is a little snow dog so I am glad that he got to experience it. 
Being from Eastern Washington we got snow a lot in the winter so snow is nothing new but what is new is having everything shut down because of it. I like it though haha. Nowhere to go and nowhere to be. I think that is the definition of the perfect snow day. We tried to go outside and make a snowman but the snow was to dry. So instead we just ran around and had a snow ball fight and also made snow angles. Then came in and warmed our souls with hot cocoa. Yum
I think everyone loved having a little bit of snow. There was tons of families outside and kids playing in the snow. It was a good day and I wanted to make sure I got a chance to share these photos. Also this last photo is my absolute favorite. Knox is the sweetest man, I mean look at him! I can't believe it is almost the weekend!
love, Carlee

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