Friday, January 31, 2014

365 project: January

1. Our shoes with Knox's lease at the beach.
2. On our way beach from the beach. The outer banks to be specific.
3. Our toothbrushes and toothpaste. I like Cologate and he likes Crest.
4. I am throwing up the peace sign while Clark is sleeping.
5. Muddy shoes at the dog park.
6. Carver's Creek State Park trip.
7. On the coach.
8. Hot Chocolate.
9. Our slippers. Nothing better than a good pair of slippers.
10. Breakfast he likes waffles with peach compote and I like french toast.
11. We pulled our mattress out to the living room over the weekend and had a cozy movie night and slept on the living room floor.
12. We visited Lanier Falls.
13. Played Cribbage.
14. Just a plain jane photo of us.
15. We made cookies.
16. Clark got promoted to specialist.
17. Perfect morning shot of the family.
18. We visited Cliffs of the Neuse
19. Lounging in big sweatshirts/
20. We took outfit photos this day.
21. Our plants. Mine is the succulent and Clark's is the cactus.
22. The Seahawks won. You can see up repping our Washington State pride.
23. I get BBQ and he gets Salt and Vingar.
24. We visited Gilchrist Bridge.
25. Dog park.
26. Last minute photo pf 'us.'
27. We actually had a rough day and I had forgotten to take a photo and so Clark pulled out his phone and sad we forgot to take a photo. It made my day.
28. Jersey Mike's.
29. Cuddling with our pup.
30. Snow day.
31. Milk and cookies.

Well there you have it. I don't know if you took the time to read all 31 taglines but I am sure glad I did this and remembered to take one everyday this month. If you don't remember I decided to do a 365 project this year of Clark and I. Even if the photos are simple or just of our food or feet it is still nice to have photos with your loved ones. I am looking forward to February. It is honestly so crazy that it is the end of the month all ready. Time really does fly by. One of my favorite things about the 365 photo project is putting together all the photos to display like my collage above. It looks so good and I have a photo of Clark and I from everyday in January 2014. It will be crazy to have one from everyday in 2014, you know if I can keep this up. Heres hoping.
love, Carlee

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