Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Roanoke Marshes Light

This lighthouse was our first stop on our weekend trip to the Outer Banks. Roanoke Marshes Light is located in the town of Manteo, NC and it is a reconstruction. There isn't a lot of information about this light but it was photographed in 1877. There was no pier and it sat out in the Croatan Sound. Unfortunately the original lighthouse was lost in the sound when it was unsuccessful moved. In 2004 this light was builded and dedicated at the Roanoke Island Maritime Museum. 
This was on Friday March 7th. Which was also my moms birthday. I was so lucky to be able to spend her birthday with her this year. Living across the country from each other that doesn't always happen. Unfortunately the weather this day was awful! I could barely get into the hotel it was so windy. Looking back it was kind of fun to get to see how the Outer Banks are when it is stormy. But no one wants crappy weather when on vacation. I can't imagine what the coast is like in a hurricane. 
After this stop we checked into our hotel and walked the beach for a minute (too windy and rainy) then tried to dry off and headed up to Kitty Hawk and the Wrights Brothers National Monument. I will be posting about that next!
love, Carlee
Leggings: Nike
Tank: Forever 21
Plaid Shirt: JCPennys
Boots: Cathy Jean
Coat: Target
Hat: Clark's 

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