Friday, March 14, 2014

Wright Brothers National Memorial

After we stopped at Roanoke Marshes Light we checked into our hotel and tried to dry off a bit then we headed up the road through Nags Head and Kill Devils Hill (fun names huh?) and ended up at the Wright Brothers National Memorial. Last time Clark and I went to the outer banks for New Years, we were gonna stop but we didn't. This time I figured my mom would definitely want to see the Wright Brothers Memorial so we did just that. I was actually really happy we stopped and explored. History is so fun.
Unfortunately for us it was SO WINDY AND RAINY. I am using caps because it was that bad. I even had to tie my hat under my chin to keep it from blowing it off my head. You can also tell that my leggings are so wet they are matted to my legs. The memorial was at the top of a hill and Clark didn't want to climb it in the rain but my mom and I convinced him. I think he really did enjoy it. I sure did.
After we explored the outside monuments, we headed inside to the museum. The museum was not that cool. It was pretty small and everything they had there were just replicas. But it had a timeline of the story. My mom and I got some souvenirs in the gift shop and then headed back toward the hotel. We ended up stopping for dinner at Dirty Dick's Crab Shack for my mom's birthday and we all got cups that say "I got my crabs from Dirty Dick's." It was a pretty fun night.
love, Carlee
Coat: Target
Leggings: Nike
Hat: Clark's
Boots: Cathy Jean

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