Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wrightsville Beach

This is my last post from our trip to the Outer Banks when my mom came to visit at the start of March. After visiting Fort Macon bright and early in the morning we headed south down the coast toward Wilmington which is where we stayed this night. About 30 minutes from Wilmington I ask my mom and Clark if they wanted to go to the beach one last time on this trip before heading into downtown Wilmington. We said yes and that is why you are getting this post on Wrightsville Beach. This was definitely one of the more touristy beaches we had been to all trip. Meaning: people, dogs, pay to park.
Once on the beach we walked to the pier and back. We only paid to park for an hour and the walk and playing on the beach took us just as long. I was thankful that Knox was allowed on the beach. At Wrightsville Beach dogs are allowed on the beach in the off season which ends March 31st. There were a lot of people with dogs. It was Sunday and a nice day so who can blame them. I would love to live close to the beach were your whole weekend can consist of laying on the beach with a homemade lunch in the cooler. I guess my weekend could consist of that but then there is a 2 hour drive both ways. But hey it could be worse, way worse. I am thankful.
So this is my last post from the trip Clark, my mom and I took to the Outer Banks when my mom came to visit at the beginning of March. Now on to what is going on now and I am also taking another look at my goals because I don't want this year to slip by without getting shit accomplished. I hope some motivation hits me this week and some good weather.
Shirt: JCPennys
Tank & Bag: Target
Jeans: Marshalls
Sunglasses: old (don't remember)


  1. these photos are lovely! what a great spot to take photographs. =D

  2. These photos are so pretty and I love your flannel. Looks like a great time!


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