Tuesday, March 11, 2014

South of the Border

I just got home from dropping my mom off at the airport and now I am sorting through photos and reliving the week my mom spent here in North Carolina. She was here one week and it went by way too fast. Isn't that usually the case? South of the Border was the first place my mom and I visited when she came to town. She flew in Tuesday night and Clark and I picked her up in Charlotte. The next morning Clark headed to work and my mom and I headed south to South of the Border. This truck stop kitschy destination is right on the other side of the NC border in South Carolina. 
Unfortunately it was raining when we went so we didn't get to walk around and explore as much because we didn't want to be out in the rain but we did get to check things out. What a weird/fun little stop. I love touristy things like this place, they are just so fun and interesting. My favorite building was the Ice Cream building because it was mint green (best color)! The two main shops we went into were the souvenir shop and the fireworks shop. Let me tell you the Fireworks shop was incredile. Growing up in Washington State, I had never seen big shop full of fireworks (must be awesome near July 4th.) 
This isn't necessary an outfit post but I am wearing clothes and a couple of photos were taken. That is how a lot of the upcoming post will be. More travel post then outfit post but I kind of like that because my outfits are necessary ground breaking and I love traveling and going on adventures. So there will still be outfits just nothing revolutionary. Over the weekend, Clark got Friday and Monday off so we took my mom on a long trip to the coast, down the Outer Banks, and to Wilmington NC. It was a long weekend and a great one. I will be sharing it all the next week or two. 
love, Carlee 
Pants: Marshalls
Shirt: Old Navy
Coat & Bag: Target
Boots: Cathy Jean

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