Monday, March 31, 2014

365 project: March

1. We took the first photo of March when Clark took outfit photos for me. This might be my favorite photo from March.
2. Playing fetch with Knox behind the apartments.
3. In bed.
4. I am only human and forgot to take a photo of us this day. So instead I am sharing this photo that Clark's sister sketched out us.
5. Wedding photo because once again I forgot to take a photo.
6. My mom arrived from Washington State and we headed to the coast. It was so windy the first day.
7. Clark and I at the Wrights Brother National Memorial in Kitty Hawk NC.
8. Waiting for the ferry from Hatteras to Ocracoke Island.
9. At Fort Macon.
10. At Wrightsville Beach.
11. Selfie on the couch the last day my mom was in town.
12. Fixing up the car.
13. Walking.
14. Nice sunny day waiting outside Mellow Mushroom where we had dinner with our friends.
15. Cookies
16. Our Shadows
17. And just when you think the weather is turning for good. The cold and the rain came back around. But the dog still needs to be walked.
18. Making dinner.
19. We went for a walk. And yes I am wearing my striped pjs. 
20. I am 100% enjoying the extra hour of daylight in the evening. That means Clark and I can enjoy it after he is done with work. 
21. Outfit photos. 
22. Clark got a new tattoo. 
23. I like light blue gatorade and he likes red. 
24. Being lazy on the couch. 
25. Another one just at the end of the day because it was a long week. Clark had a lot of really late nights. 
26. Clark fell asleep on my shoulder. For real. 
27. Commissary trip. And a glimpse at Clarks new tattoo. 
28. Watch March Madness. Virginia and Michigan State play. We were routing for Virginia since we know Joe Harris. (Went to high school same time, 20 minutes down the road from each other) 
29. We got Oreos this week and were pretty excited. 
30. Dog park.
31. Clark had to leave for work so early 6am that we didn't get a pic. But I got one of his shoes and Knox of course wanted to be in it. 

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This month seemed a little harder than usual. I missed a view days and we had a long week last week. I am glad I finished and hopefully next month with be just as good. My week has already started good. Little Sloth reached 1,000 sales on Etsy. I am really excited and thinking about doing a promotion or giveaway. 
love, Carlee

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  1. love seeing your captures. It's amazing how much reflection you can have after starting a project like this. =D


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