Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring is a comin'..maybe

Ahhh so I think spring is officially coming to town. Not only is it March now but the sun has been shining. It has been rather cold in the mornings still like around 30 degrees but it warms up to 50 in the afternoon. And yesterday, it was 70 degrees! But now there is talk about a winter storm warning today. Geez. I am hoping that the weather holds out and stays good because as you might know my mom is coming to town this week and I plan on spending lots of time outside and showing her around North Carolina.
I have also been cleaning like crazy all week and over the weekend. I scrubbed down the kitchen and even cleaned the oven. Its like every time one surface gets clean, I discover another that I didn't even know was dirty. I have also made sure laundry is all caught up. That is the good thing about only having 2 people to do laundry for, there isn't much laundry. But still I find myself getting behind. Ahhh house chores are not very fun, are they?
One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is take Knox to the dog park. We take him almost every weekend and honestly these days I look forward to just like he does. I am sure he loves it more, haha. We usually stay for about 45 minutes to an hour and by the time we are done Knox is totally wore out. When we get home, we always give him a bath and then usually he sleeps for hours. Such a sweet little snuggley man. Aww how I love a good weekend. I am sure you guys do to. Unfortunately it is now Monday but I am not sweating it because my mom is arriving tomorrow evening. #stoked
love, Carlee
Dress:  Macy's
Jacket: American Eagle
Sandals: Gap


  1. I TOTALLY get you about cleaning for 2! It seems not so bad until you get behind. I always feel like my house is a disaster.

    I love your maxi and wish I could find one long enough for me! We've got the winter storm warning too and I think it's pretty obvious now that it's like 28 degrees at the moment and the high is 36 haha. I hope you guys stay warm and safe! OH i forgot to ask, did your mom like Waffle House?! I saw it on your IG recently and I hope she did :) the food there is totally southern awesomeness.

    1. Yes, my mom loved Waffle House! She tired the pecan waffles. So yummy. I am glad the weather is finally warming up here, hopefully it is in Georgia too!


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