Thursday, February 19, 2015

10 blog post that you should never write

Let me preface this post a little bit. This list is mainly blog post that I don’t write or I don’t click on when they pop up in my reader. Now sometimes I do read posts, like the 10 below, that pop up in my reader and maybe it’s because the title is intriguing or I just really love that persons blog so I want to know what they are saying. But this post is in no way telling any blogger what to post. It’s just me making a little of blog post I don't like/would never write and I just decided to title it sometime super daunting haha. Anyways no hard feeling if you write these post, okay? Also, don’t hold it over my head if, in the future, I write one of these post! Okay peace out!
1. The instagram round up. A lot of people do this and I have nothing against them (some of my favorite blogs to it actually.) But for me, if a follower wanted to see your instagram photos then they would follow you on instagram (which they probably already do.) Or they would click your instagram button on your sidebar and look that way.

2. The smashed together list. I don’t have anything against list. But then a list in smashed together one item write after another. 1. like this 2. for explain. The thing is, I used to do this with my recipes but then I realized that saving a little space on a blog post (which really doesn't mean anything.) Verses allowing my readers to be able to read post better. The latter wins out.

3. Recap of that TV show last night. I usually never click on blogpost that are just a recap of a popular TV show, like the Bachelor, Nashville, America’s Next Top Model etc. These are all TV shows that I enjoy but I don’t want to read a post about it, if I want to know what happened I will find a way to watch the show or at least watch the highlights. However, I will read a reality TV spoiler any day...

4. A post with all writing and no photos. I love post with stories and intensive writing especially if I am interested in the subject. However I think each post needs at least one photo. Even if it’s not directly related to the subject.

5. A post with all photos and no writing. Opposite above. I love photos just as much as the next person and I take and share lot’s of photos on this blog. But I hate when there are just photos and no text at all. I want a little bit of context with the photos or a funny anecdote or at the very least a caption with the photos.

6. Wishlist. I make wishlist too but I don’t share them on the blog and I know wishlist shared in cyberspace are centered around a theme or season and sometimes they are pretty collection of things to look at. But 9 times out of 10 I won’t click through to read wishlist on other blogs.

7. Giveaways every other day. I have done a few giveaways on my own blog and some giveaways I totally enter because they are so rad but when I scroll through your blog and see you are hosting a giveaway every other post it is a big turn off for me. Even is the giveaway is attached to other post, it just seems like a ploy to gain to reader (which it is and can be awesome) but come on do you really need to have one every other time you post.

8. That Pinterest round up. I guess I am just not a big fan of round ups but like I stated about instagram I will follow you there if I want to know what you are doing there.

9. Office/fall outfit/christmas cookies inspiration list, etc. This I hate as well. Just the list of _____ inspiration. With really grainy photos that were pulled from the internet. I mean all those cookies/decor/outfits have already been done. I don’t really need to see you ‘round them up’ in a list format with grainy photos even if they are what you are inspired by right now. Pin them on pinterest you don’t need to share them on your blog and like I said before if I want to follow you on pinterest I will.

10. The gift guide. I know these are super popular right now but usually if I see the words gift guide in your title post show up on my reader most likely I won’t be clicking on it. Unless there is some groundbreaking difference then all the other gifts guides out there. And most of the time each person you are gifting something too is unique and bloggers gift guide don’t really do the trick at least in my experience.

Happy Thursday!
love, Carlee

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