Wednesday, February 25, 2015

23 before 24

Hey guys so this is my third year doing this type of goal list and I really love it. I love being able to go back and see what I accomplished and also things that I thought were important that maybe weren’t as important as the year went on. I also like being able to set goals from February to February, instead of right at the beginning of the year in January. Since my birthday is February 12th, its the perfect time to set goals. (For me at least)

I like being able settle in after the holidays and also have an extra month to finish up goals from the previous list. Here are my goals for my 23rd year. 
1. Get my dog to do the trick where a treat sits on his nose until I say he can have it. Like this.

2. Take photos of the wisteria this spring and an outfit post with it as the background. Here

3. Do a 5K or 10K.

4. Go home to Washington State and visit my family. Watch my little brothers play bball, eat at the taco wagon, see old best friends.

5. Fly somewhere new. (TRAVEL!) View my St. Croix travel guide here!

6. Get my passport updated with new last name Here.

7. Have a certain dollar amount in my business bank account at the end of 2015. (It’s a secret. You wouldn’t understand. Jk. But I have it written down, it’s a personal goal.)

8. Logo Redesign/Blog and Shop makeover. Yep

9. Visit 2 new State Parks in North Carolina (One of my long term goals is to visit all the NC state parks while we are stationed here) Eno River. Weymouth Woods

10. Visit my friend in Mississippi or Texas (she’ll be in both places) while she is at military training. This did happen and isn’t going too. :( 

11. Go to Washington DC. Yes- video here 

12. Make homemade biscuits and stew. Yep

13. Get bangs (maybe.....) YEP, FINALLY DID IT

14. 52 weeks of flowers on my littlesloth_ instagram. Look up hashtag #littleslothflowers

15. Design 12 new mugs for 2015. One each month or there about.Check out all my mugs

16. Have 4 different product in Little Sloth. Write now I have greeting cards and mugs, so have 2 more.

17. Have 1,000 followers on my business instagram  (littlesloth_)

18. Make DIY pet felt ornaments. 

19. Finish a paint-by-number. Here

20. Complete scrapbook Down on Paper Project for the year of 2015.

21. Have 4,000 sales in my Etsy shop this time next year.

22. Get organized with Little Sloth. Stock cards and mugs. Get packaging ready before hand. Just be better organized business wise.

23. Go to a baseball game.  Post here

View my goals from years past: 21 before 22. 22 before 23.
love, Carlee
Dress : Forever 21
I ended up buying it on sale!

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