Monday, February 16, 2015

Love Day

Hey guys, how was your long weekend and Valentine’s Day? Our weekend was great. It was my birthday on Thursday the 12th and it was really great. I woke up to a surprise banner from Clark and breakfast. We had stew and corn bread for dinner and then Clark surprised me with ice cream cake for birthday dessert. Then I opened presents from Clark and my family. Also Les sent me the best heart garland for Vday and my bday and I love it and it’s hanging above the big window in my apartment and I think I might keep it up all year because it’s that awesome. Hearts aren’t just for vday.
Then for Valentine’s Day we kept it super low key. Clark actually came down with a cold but he still made me dinner: steak, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. It was delicious. He got me pink roses and a ballon that looks like a dozen roses! I got him a monkey ballon, some candy, and the movie the Goonies. He loves that movie and I had never seen in and lately he has been saying how much he want’s me to watch it so I got it for him for Vday and he watched it that evening. We also went out to the best local place for Valentine’s Day brunch it’s a place called Lindy’s if your ever in town. Super good breakfast. 
Clark drew two more illustrations for me for the mugs that are in the shop. Did you know that he does most of the mug illustrations. Turns out, I am not very good at drawing animals drinking out of mugs. But I am working on 4 new mugs designs that are not animals. But anyways just thought I would give him a shout-out because Clark is awesome and also awesome at drawing and illustrating. One of the animals that he did he said “it is his best one yet.” so look out for it because it’s impressive. 
Happy Monday and Happy Presidents Day!!
love, Carlee
Jeans: Macy’s
Shirt: Target

Jeans: American Eagle
Shirt: Nike

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  1. i meant to comment earlier but ive been super busy!
    im sooo glad you liked them!
    and im honored youre considering keeping them up all year!!!


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