Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Intentions 2015

Hey so I was thinking about some stuff I wanted to do this summer and most of the stuff is classic summer stuff and stuff that was also on my list last year but I wanted to share it here again today! Below are some of my favorite photos from summers past. 
1. Swimming in the pool in our hometown in WA when we were in high school. 2. Last summer in Myrtle Beach. 3. At Wrightsville Beach with Clark’s Mom last year. 4. Fruity drinks at the beach. 5. Lulu’s in Myrtle Beach. 6. Camping on Labor Day weekend last year at Jordan Lake.  

1. Go to a Durham Bulls baseball game (7.4.15)
2. Watch fireworks (7.4.15)
3. Swim in the river
4. Go to the beach (8.14.15 in St. Croix)
5. Take photobooth photos with Clark  (July)
6. Take 2nd year anniversary photos (6.22.15)
7. Light sparklers and dance around (6.29.15)
8. Pool party / BBQ with friends
9. Goodbye get together with our friends that are moving. (8.10.15)
10. Make a 4th of July hat for Knox 

Have any goals or intentions for this summer?
love, Carlee

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