Monday, July 21, 2014

Side street

This weekend was very laid back and relaxed. We had a BBQ and pool party on Saturday and it was a blast. About 12 of our friends came and we met some new girlfriends/boyfriends and we all had a cookout on one of the grills that our apartment complex has and then we migrated over to the pool when we were too full to eat anything else. We actually ended up bring the other food and drinks over to the pool patio with us and munched on chips and brownies until they were gone. After the pool party which started at 1pm and ended at 5pm, Clark and I made our way inside and cleaned up/ put food away. I really wanted to make s’mores but didn’t end up doing any at the BBQ so we stood over the stove and made some in the evening... it was perfect. 
Currently, there is thunder going on outside and my dog is hiding in the closet. He is not a fan and it makes me sad he gets so nervous and scared. Hopefully the weather clears up this afternoon and we can go play outside. Also, I love A. C. Moore craft store. I know there are only on the East Coast but if you have one near you go there instead of Hobby Lobby or Michaels because they have really good deals/savings and the same exact craft stuff. I got new drawing pens, pencils, paint, and two 18x24 canvas all for $28 with a 40% off coupon you can get online (and also they have a 15% military discount everyday) 

These photos were taken in downtown Fayetteville which is one of my favorite place in all of Fayetteville NC, on a side street. I was going through my own archives for outfit inspiration because well I was uninspired with my wardrobe and I knew that somewhere in my archives was an awesome outfit I can put together that I had wore before. So behold outfit above. And yes I still have the same pieces from two years ago! 

A fire update: thanks for your support from my post on Friday. I want to start by saying that both my Dad’s house and Mom’s house are fine. They both had to evacuate at different times but all my family is good and well and my childhood homes are safe. I feel a little guilty about being grateful sense a lot of people have lost there homes but I am. I am very thankful. Here an incredible video of the damage, it made me tear up watching. One of the childhood homes I lived in at Alta Lake was completely destroyed. Here is a good news video about the wildfires. You will here them mention Brewster, Wa and that is the town I grew up in, went to high school, got marriage in, and where my parents and family still live so it is home. The fire is moving away from Brewster but last I heard the fire still was at 0 containment so not good. I am praying that rain is being sent that way.

I am feeling thankful and grateful for what I have today. Happy Monday.

love, Carlee
Top & Bag: Target
Shorts & Sandals: Old Navy


  1. i really hope it can get better! all the strength! you'll make it!


  2. I really like your color combo. The top is so pretty on you and love the casual chic effortless look!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  3. It sounds like you had a great weekend. Summer BBQs are the best! Lovely look. The color on you is beautiful!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  4. Pretty. I really like the shirt.


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  5. Love your hairstyle :)

  6. This purple is SO bright!


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