Friday, October 16, 2015


I got bangs, people!! BANGS! I love them. So I have been wanting them on and off for a long time. I remember one of my friends back in college has pretty thick bangs but she slide swept them and I would always push them so they were straight across her face. And I was like you should wear them like this! She would be like no... why don’t you just get bangs. Well people, I was always too chicken until now haha!
One of my main worries was that they wouldn’t look good with my face but I don’t think that is an issue. Another worry I had was what am I gonna go when I am excersing, I guess I will pull them back like any normal person would haha. Another thing was making sure I style them. The hair dresser said too, I need to make sure to blow dry them every morning. Which I don’t think will be a huge issue. I am just really excited with how they turned out and honestly I wasn’t that worried going in because “it’s just hair.” My hair stylist is Jessica from Salon 360 (if your ever in need of a stylist in Fayetteville, NC) and she was awesome as always. She really wanted to make sure I was ready and I was. She also cut just a little bit of bangs at first then we went thicker/shorter with the bangs as necessary that way there were no regrets. But I don’t think I could trust someone more with my hair. She is fantastic!
So I have now had them for a day and I still love them. I even went to Target yesterday and made sure to buy myself a big round brush. I didn’t even own a round brush but now I do and I can tell it’s gonna be critical with getting the bangs just right. Anyways, I know it’s only been a day but so far so good. What do you guys think?
love, Carlee
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Macys
Plaid Shirt: Target

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