Thursday, October 15, 2015

On track

A little word play in my blogpost title today. Now I am suppose to tell you all the things I am on track with ... haha. Leasts see, It is on track to be a great fall. We are getting our Halloween costumes ready, we are tentatively planning a Halloween party with our friends, looks like we will have time to make it to the state fair this year, the weather is pretty much perfect outside right now. The leaves aren’t quiet turning yet but they on are track to ;)

I wore this outfit last Monday, we met up with some friends and had lunch. I was pretty good. We took some outfit photos and I even set my camera down and got a good self-timer shot of Clark and I! #winning. Later, I changed and we helped those same friends with some yard work. We are going to be hosting a small Halloween party at their house with them on October 31st so we figured the least we could do it help out with some chores that aren’t so fun. We found a toad, a garden snake, and I even found a 10 cent Japanese yen coin in the yard. Totally random but I totally kept it. So cool. I hope everyone’s Thursday is on point to be a great one.
love, Carlee
Cardigan: American Eagle
Skirt: Old Navy
Romper (worn as tank): Target
Boots: Target

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