Monday, October 19, 2015

North Carolina State Fair

We finally made it to the NC State Fair this year! We have been here in North Carolina for 3 years now and each year I say I want to go to the state fair but each year we were busy on the weekends that it happened. Well this year I knew that I wanted to make sure we went because this will be our last autumn in NC because we move this coming summer. Anyways, we went to the state fair on Saturday and we had a lot of fun. There were lots of people there, I always wish I could go to things like this during the week because I know there will be less people but we can’t do that because work. I am thankful that we had the opportunity to go period this year so yes, it was a good one. PS: get ready for photo overload! haha
I actually have never been to a state fair before. The one in Washington is in Puyallup and it is about 4 hours from my hometown and about an hour from Seattle. So I was never very close. I think the NC state fair is different then the WA one anyway though. Lots of fun food choices that we wouldn’t find in Washington, like gator-on-a-stick, hushpuppies (and they give you free samples (I got in line 3 times)), fried EVERYTHING, krispy kreme donut hamburgers, giant turkey legs, warhead caramel apples, check out the food page online. We ended up being pretty chill with the food. I got mini cinnamon sugar donuts and Clark not a giant cherry soda mug.
We rode rides before we got food because I didn’t want to be those people sick or throwing up haha. We didn’t ride many rides only a few. We did the one where you are in the mental chairs and it raises you up and you spin around. You might have seen on my instagram (@carleewengel) Then we did the ride were you are taken to the top of the tower then dropped after what seems like a minute haha. It was pretty funny, I took a snapchat video of it, it will be gone now but you can follow me over there my username is carleejarrell  . We walked about the animal and produce barns and we ended up seeing the world’s heaviest watermelon of this year and the cutest baby piglets. SO STINKIN CUTE. I am so glad I got a photo. They must have different laws here in NC because you can’t got close to any of the animals and there are lots of signs saying not to touch. In WA you can get right up there the pins and pet them and even feed them hay. I am thinking it must be different agriculture regulations. Still fun to see all the animals though. We also played a few games hoping to win but we didn’t :( oh well haha. It was still a really fun time. Happy Monday!
love, Carlee
Jeans: Forever 21
Tank: TJ Maxx
Shirt & Bag: Target

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  1. What a great fair! :) These pictures are so fun and colorful, love them!


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