Friday, October 2, 2015

DOPP: September

Hey guys! So September was a great month. It also seems to fly by though! I love that we are in October already (although I could do without the constant rain this past week has brought.) But I just can’t believe we are only 3 months away from being done with 2015. CRAY! 

So back to Septmber: September seemed to be the month of hanging out with friends. It seemed like we were doing something every weekend. (Probably because this was actually the case haha) We got to go bowling, have game night and dinner with friends Labor Day week, then we went to the county fair, and also the folk festival! We celebrated Clark’s 23rd Birthday and also when to our second military ball. Definitely my two favorite things from September! I was WAY better at taking photos each week this month so that was a bonus and hope I can keep it up for October. It shouldn’t be a problem since I want to do all the fall themed activities (this rain just needs to stop!!!!!) 

In September, we also enjoyed the last Durham Bulls games of the season, started exercising Knox everyday, went shooting at the gun rang and I did better then the boys! (HIIIYYYAA haha), we went to a moving brief about our new duty station for next year, I made banana bread and oatmeal cookies!

 I have lots of photos and stuff from the ball (our name tags and the agenda for the ball) which I just slide into the sleeve after taking this photo)

It was a good month and I think October will be a good one as well. This hurricane weather needs to pass though. 
love, Carlee

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