Monday, October 12, 2015

In October we go to the pumpkin patch

If you aren’t going to a pumpkin patch in October then your doing something wrong. Unless there isn’t a pumpkin patch close to you then I can forgive you. I am sure you have seen everyone and their grandmother at the pumpkin patch either here in blogland or on instagram. Well I am no different haha. We went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday, we were going to go on Saturday but the weather was really rainy. But on Sunday it was nice and sunny and perfect for a day at the patch. We went to Gross Farms in Sanford NC. We went to this pumpkin patch two years ago when Knox was a little baby dog. We didn’t bring Knox this year, he would have loved it but he also would have been a little too excited because there were LOTS of kids and other doggies. 
We just purchased the general admission tickets this year. So we didn’t do the corn maze or anything else. This pumpkin patch is really nice and if you have kids I really recommended it because there is lots of stuff for kids. A hayride, pumpkin jump bounce, slides, and the corn maze. But we just went into the pumpkin patch area and got our pumpkins. Clark got a BIG one and I got a small one (way easier to carve haha). They weigh them by the pound on the way out of the farm. We took our pumpkins to the car then came back in and got some homemade ice cream at the concession stands. I got butter pecan and Clark got chocolate. It was really good. 
I think we will wait at least until next weekend to carve. If we carve to early the pumpkins will mold like they did our first year here. So we have been smarter and carving the pumpkins closer to Halloween. I have also been working on our Halloween costumes for this year. I am pretty excited about the costumes. I have been flip flopping on what to be since September but we have finally decided our on costumes. So that is fun. They are going to be homemade DIY again like they have been for the last two years. So stay tuned for that! 

Cardigan: Target
Shirt: American Eagle
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Famous Footwear


  1. Great pictures. You look so cute.


  2. Such fun pictures. :) I love pumpkin patches but I have yet to go to one!! It's so sad.


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