Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Snapshots: Halloween things

We had a pretty good weekend, last weekend. We did Trunk or Treat on Friday (see our costumes here), on Saturday we went downtown to the Fayetteville Fall Dogwood Festival which was basically just a bunch of Halloween activities and food trucks which was awesome. We went around 7pm and there was a lot of people there, bands playing, scary monsters walking around and lots of food. We watched the band for a while then got some mini donuts. We ended up meeting some friends there and going through the haunted house! It was pretty cool but the mini donuts there THE BEST. I made sure to get the twitter name for the donut truck, I was like I am going to follow these guys around NC. If your from North Carolina the donut truck was called Dusty Donuts and they had mini cinnamon sugar donuts and they were SO GOOD! We may or may not have gone back for seconds. ;)
Then on Sunday we carved pumpkins! Did you see this really cute photo I posted on instagram? It is 3 years of Knox watching Clark carve pumpkins. It is so darn cute! Anyways, my pumpkin is really small and Clark’s was rather big and I ended up doing a happy cute face while Clark did a scary face! I think they turned out really good! I love all things Halloween and all the activities leading up to it. It’s been a good few days! And I am just as excited about the next few. Hope y’all are having a fun festive autumn!
love, Carlee

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