Friday, October 9, 2015

Little Sloth Shopdate (like update but for my shop)

This tumlbr blog featured my mugs which was awesome and gave me quite a bit a traffic so thanks little alien!

I also have a couple new Halloween / fall cards + a couple from last season that were the most popular. I also have a ton of Halloween themed washi tape to last me like seven Octobers so I will be good until 2022 with the Halloween washi tape. haha (Thank you Target)
If you follow me on instagram you saw that I made a custom mug for my brothers dog. He is a golden english shepherd! It turned out great. Once my friend saw it she wanted one of her siberian husky so I made one for her last week, which was fun. If you want to purchase a custom animal mug email me at . There is also 5 new mugs in my shop 2 animals (a monkey and a pig) and 3 quote mugs. See them all here
My Little Sloth instagram page reached 1100 followers last week and I am so grateful for all the support and community love. I am hoping to give away a couple mugs next week so look out for that on instagram.

I have also been getting WAY to into the whole #squadgoals thing with these cards and this one. Haha.
And yeah, you’ll probably see a couple of these photos on my instagram feed in the next few days. Cheers to cross promotion and as Rihanna would say ‘the fricken weekend!’
love, Carlee


  1. Your mugs and cards are so cute! I'll def have to peruse your shop when it comes time to send out Christmas cards! :) I also LOVE the Halloween-themed washi tape - ADORABLE!

  2. i had seen that washi tape at target and thought of you and i was like i have to get her some!!!!
    but it looks like great minds think alike!


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