Monday, October 26, 2015

Castaway Halloween costume // DIY

Hey guys so this was our Halloween costume for Trunk or Treat on Friday, October 23rd. And we won MOST UNIQUE! So that was very cool. They did the prizes different this year, it was most unique, most creative, and scariest instead of 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Orginally we were going to be Fred and Wilma Flintstone and just buy costumes but then I was like I would rather make costumes then spend $100+ for two costumes. Also I like including Knox in our costumes and I didn’t really want him to be pebbles. Anyways so I gave Clark a few ideas of what we could be and he was like let’s do Castaway with Wilson. And I was like well Knox can then be a FedEx box. I am sure you have seen this costume on Pinterest but it was fun nonetheless. It was so really fun to decorate our trunk like a deserted island!

I got asked a lot how long it took me to do the paper mache volleyball for Wilson. And it actually didn’t take very long. At least in my mind. Paper mache is not very hard to do. It took about 7 days an hour each day so about 7 hours I would say. I would get the paper mache and newspaper strips ready and then watch an hour show on Hulu while I did the paper mache and on the last day I did the painting. So it wasn’t so bad.
Fabric: $5.50
Beach Ball to make Wilson: $8.75
Red paint: $.50
White paint: free (already had it)
Clark tan shirt: $12
Beard: $12
Newspaper for paper mache: had is already so free. I might be a holder sometimes haha

Cardboard: Free (got it from the recycling bins at our apartment)
Paint: Had it already so free
Bushes and branches: free (cut them down in the foresty area behind out apartment)

Total cost: $38.75

Also pro tip! I had done paper mache before but I still looked it up online right before I started to make sure I was doing the right flour to water ratio and I came across the tip to use white copier paper for your last layer if your going to paint because it makes it easier. And it does 100%!  Especially since we were painting the entire thing white. This step is definitely recommended. 
Progress photos.
It was a lot of fun. Although Clark said the beard was itchy and started to get hot to wear after a while. Knox was a very good sport with the box but after about an hour he was like EFF this. So we took it off him haha but he did very good. I will admit that we are actually going to be something different for Halloween night. We are going to a Halloween party and I don’t want to go dresses as a giant volleyball and Clark didn’t want to wear the bear haha. This will be my first time in 23 years that I will have worn 2 costumes for Halloween so there is a first time for everything. I will probably share my other costume too. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!
love, Carlee

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