Monday, November 9, 2015

Bald Head Island + Southport NC

Happy Monday everyone. This past Thursday Clark’s sister and I went and visited Bald Head Island and Southport NC. If you follow me on insta you will know that Clark’s sister was here in NC visiting for the first time this past week. Anyways, on Thursday her and I went to the beach! Bald Head Island is actually one of the last two lighthouse I have to see in North Carolina before I have seen them all. So now I only have one more to see which is WAY up north. It’s Currituck Beach Lighthouse up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s about 2 hours to Southport NC from Fayetteville so we left at 9am and got to town around 11am. We got a donut at Burney's Bakery and coffee at Java Chip Coffee then we went to the Christmas House which is a store filled of all the Christmas things all year around.
Then we drove down to the water and found Alex’s House (you know from the movie Safe Heaven.) Okay, I forgot to mention that Southport NC is the town where the Nicholas Spark’s book takes place and also where it is filmed. We saw where Katy works although not a real restaurant in real life. Still very cool to see. At 12:30pm we drove to the Bald Head Island ferry to get tickets for the ferry at 1pm. The ferry is just a walking ferry so you can’t take your car to the island. There are golf carts and bikes you can rent but once we got to the island we just walked. First we walked to Old Baldy (Bald Head Island Lighthouse) and we climbed up 108 stairs to the top. It was very fun to see the whole island from the lighthouse.
After the lighthouse we walked to the beach, while getting eaten alive by mosquitos. We walked on the beach and found some really cool seashells. Then we walked back to the ferry landing area. There are a few shops on the island. 2 restaurants and a coffee & ice cream shop. We got Ice Cream which was made in Carolina and it was so good. I got blueberry muffin and Clark’s sister got coffee health. We caught the 3:30pm ferry back to Southport. On the ferry ride we saw two dolphins!!! I was so excited, I had never seen a dolphin in North Carolina so that was cool. Clark’s sister spotted them, if she wasn’t with me I probably wouldn’t have seen them! 

Shirt & Jeans: Old Navy
Bag: Target

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