Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Carolina Tiger Rescue

On Saturday, Clark and I headed to Pittsboro NC to the Carolina Tiger Rescue. I have been wanting to do this for a while but whenever I would look at tickets they would be sold out for the days we could go. But this weekend I knew we didn't have any major plans so on Wednesday I booked us 2 tickets to see the tigers, lions and other rescue cats at Carolina Tiger Rescue. It was a really great experience. Our tour was at 1pm and the weather was perfect. Sunny but a little chilly, enough to wear a sweater and beanie. They have the cutest little gift shop and all proceeds go to help the facility take care of the cats that they house.
 Vulture's that just sit in the trees and wait for scrapes from the big cats. 
They had 15-20 cats on the grounds that we saw. Most of the cats that we saw were rescues. There were a few that were from their breeding program in the late 90s. (They no longer bread their animals.) All the Tigers and Lions were rescues. There were 2 tigers that were pushed out of a truck near Shelby NC and were left to wander on there own. Lucky the tiger rescue existed and someone called the organization and they took in the tigers. The lions were from a Mississippi zoo that was shut down because of horrible conditions.
One of the ocelots had a really sad story. Someone called in saying their friend had an ocelot that they could no longer take care of and was wondering if they could take it. They people hung up and the next day the Carolina Tiger Rescue had a ocelot in their yard in a little dog kennel. They said that the ocelot had been in the kennel so long that it's back legs has loss muscle strength and it has rubbed its nose raw on the mental kennel wires. It has since made a full recovery. It is crazy because in North Carolina it is illegal to own a deer, squirrel, or other native animals but you can own an exotic animal legally in NC so that is why people have these animals in captivity in NC. I think it's really great that there is a place that takes in these poor animals that aren't living in good conditions. Anyways, if you are ever in NC near Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill I would totally recommend going and see this place.
love, Carlee
Sweater: Target
Hat: American Eagle
Tank & Jeans: Old Navy

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