Wednesday, November 25, 2015

King's Pinnacle

After we got to Charlotte we headed for Crowders Mountain State Park. Since we got in early we couldn't check into our hotel yet so we headed about 20 miles west of Charlotte and went to Crowders Mountain State Park. Originally I figured we would just climb the mile to the top of Crowders Mountain but then we parked and read the trail options and King's Pinnacle (the top of King Mountain) looked like the best trail with the best views. It was 2 miles one way and was going to take about 2 hours to get to the top and back. It took us a total of 2 hours to get there and back but we spent about 20 minutes at the top so we did it a little bit faster then that.
The hike was really nice. It was steep and strenuous at times and we took a couple breaks on the benches on the trails but for the most park it wasn't bad. The trail was clearly marked and there were lots of people out on the trail because it was a nice fall Saturday. We weren't very prepared to hike for 2 hours. We didn't bring any water or snacks. We were okay, but once we reached the top I definitely could have used some water. It was a really great view from the top and seeing all the changing autumn leaves from above was really nice.
On the way down it seems a lot faster but it usually does haha. We also took a different trail at the very end to get back to our car faster. At a few points on the way down I was afraid of slipping because the trail was covered in a pretty generous layer of leaves, but I made it all the way down without slipping so winning haha.

Anyways, you all excited about Thanksgiving tomorrow? Clark and I are going over to our friends house to celebrate with a bunch of our friends that our staying in town for Thanksgiving. I am in charge of making the stuffing and apple pie and buying good wine. It should be lots of fun. Then I am 100% planning on buying a Christmas tree the following day! I definitely hold out until after Thanksgiving every year but I do love to squeeze the most holiday spirit into December as I can!
love, Carlee
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