Friday, November 6, 2015

Morrow Mountain State Park

After Low Water Bridge we drove 20 miles to Morrow Mountain State Park. I changed my shirt because we were planning to hike. I had never been to this state park before so I didn’t really know where exactly the action was but I made the right choice and stayed right at the Y toward the picnic area and scenic area. We climbed the Mt. via car until we got to the top and there was a parking area and lots of picnic tables and bathrooms. It was awesome because we were basically where we wanted to be with the best views ever and we didn’t even have to hike there.
There was a little trail called Morrow Mountain loop that went around the mountain and back to the parking area I think it was only about .9 miles. It was nice being up there will some very pretty views for a little while.We don’t really have any mountains near Fayetteville so there is nowhere to go up to and look out at your surroundings so it was nice to do that here.
A lot of older couples were picnicking up at the mountain which I thought was super sweet. I mean how cool is it going to be to go with your husband/wife when your old and retired and drive up to a mountain and eat lunch on a random Thursday just because you can. One of the couples even had a really cool old school car so that was fun to see! Knox was very excited about all the people as usual and everyone thought he was so cute. Until he started pulling on his leash and looking like he was going to attack. (wouldn’t ever, just wants all the love and pets he can get. haha) The best part of all of it was that we got to see some awesome fall foliage! 
love, Carlee

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