Friday, November 20, 2015

Things I screenshotted v.03

Hey guys, I am just here sharing with you some things I have screenshotted recently. I got a new computer (a new Macbook Pro) but now the new Macs have the Photos app instead of iPhoto so things are laid out a little differently but what I do like is that in the Photos albums there is a screenshots tab so now I don't have to scroll through weeks out photos on my phone or computer to find the screenshots they are just all in one tab now so that's cool. This post was inspired by Natalie cause she did it first and I loved the idea.

Anyways just some random things to fill up your blog reader on this Friday.
Totally want this Chloe for Nordstrom purse but it's like $400 so not gonna happen haha
I love these Teva Sandals. I know Tevas are usually REALLY comfy and I want something cute and comfortable that I will be able to wear all around Italy when we move there in July.
Totally want to try this, this December.
You should totally go check out her stuff rocks and I totally want to try to make a wall hanging like one of hers pictured above. I don't work much with fabric or yarn but I think this would be a fun project to try out.
Some really cute DIY Halloween costumes from this past year!
The 12th man (Seahawks fan page) retweeted me a few weeks ago so that was cool.
And below just some more random funny things.
Have a wonderful Friday.
love, Carlee

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  1. Oh my god the photo at the end! I love Sex and the City, and Samantha is my fave!


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