Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gaddy Covered Bridge

Hey guys! This past weekend we went to Charlotte NC. It's funny we have flown out of Charlotte a handful of times but we have never actually hung out and explored Charlotte so it was really fun to be there for a whole weekend to just explore and see some new sites. The main reason we went to Charlotte on this weekend was because back in September for Clarks birthday my Dad got us Carolina Panther football tickets. If you don't follow the NFL there are doing AMAZING and are undefeated. They are doing so good and the game was awesome. More to come on that later. Anyways, back to my post, I was scrolling through Pinterest a few weeks ago looking for more cool things to explore in NC and I came across this covered bridge. I found the location on google maps and it was only 10 miles out of the way on our trip to Charlotte so I know we had to stop and check it out.
It's funny because Clark was giving me a hard time a few weeks ago about springing little detours on him when we go places. I will usually navigate and then we end up at like a super kitchy road side attraction and he is like "this was out of the way huh." haha. So now I make sure to let him know if I want to make any stops along the way. This one was super easy to get to and not hard to find. Once you parked it was about 300 yard walk to the covered bridge. The water was really high from resent rain and flooding but the covered bridge still looked so darn cute out in the middle of the woods.
It is once again that time of year to wear my favorite poncho. Since I only have one it doesn't have much competition but I might go so far as to say it's my favorite top in my closet! Back to the covered bridge, it is located in Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge and it on a little back road after some very pretty farmland. We were there early in the morning and there was still frost on the ground and it was so pretty!
Poncho: Forever 21
Jeans: Macys
Boots: American Eagle

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