Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Low Water Bridge

Last Thursday, Knox and I hoped in the car for a little adventure. I had been feeling really antsy the week before. You see, Clark was in a class that was a month long and so I didn’t have the option to have the car much. (We have one car) I just wanted to get out and see or do something new. So Knox and I headed out early Thursday morning to the Uwharries National Forest which we had only been to the tip when we went to Pisgah Covered Bridge so it was really fun to see more of it and in the fall. I found this fun little spot when researching Uwharries National Forest, it’s called Low Water Bridge and  I think it looks super cool. Obviously it wouldn’t be so cool when the water is high or flooded haha.
Another thing that I was looking forward to seeing was the fall foliage! We are getting a few changing trees here in Fayetteville but not really, that comes more mid November. So it was fun to drive a couple hours west and see some more changing leaves and in the national forest the elevation was higher so the leaves were already a good ways along on there changing journey. (What a weird thing to say haha). Knox and I explored the area a little bit. There was a specific parking area and information via the Uwharries National Forest service so that was cool. 
The bridge is about a mile on a dirt road called Low Water Bridge Rd. Only 2 other cars drove by while we were out there. The leaves were SO pretty but you could tell that about half of the trees had already fallen but it was still very cool to explore. After we were done there and after I was done talking photos of Knox with the gorgeous yellow leaves behind him. We headed to Morrow Mountain State Park which was the main destination for this trip. It was only about 20 miles southeast and a very pretty drive through more of the Uwharries. 

Having a little adventure with my dog on a random Thursday was just what I needed and Knox seemed to sleep for a good 10 hours afterward so I think it’s just what he needed too.
love, Carlee
Leggings: Old Navy
Shirt & Cardigan: Target
Boots: TJ Maxx

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  1. these are so beautiful! that scenery looks amazing! im jealous!
    i have to drive out to see that here in california.


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