Monday, February 3, 2014

Evening sunlight

So it is Monday, the snow has all melted here in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. I am a pretty happy gal. Clark and I both grew up in Washington State and I was living in Seattle for the past two years so it is nice to see our team bring home a trophy...finally. And they definitely deserved it. We had a fun get together for it last night, ate nachos and brownies with good company. I also really enjoyed Bruno Mars. I think he did a great job at half time but I can honestly say I could have done without the Red Hot Chilly Peppers, but that is just me. 
The weather has definitely made a change here. Today it is 65 degrees and kind of humid which I could do without but I am very excited for spring. I can't wait to seeing new growth of plants around here. Also my birthday is in a few days. 9 to be exact. So I am pretty excited about that!
The pants I am wearing in these photos are my favorite thing ever. I got them from Target a couple of weeks ago and I am in love. They are pretty much like sweatpants but I think with a nice top and shoes they could double as everyday going out of the house pants as well. I mean they were in the fashion section at Target and not the pajama or workout section so I think that says something right? I also have to admit that this whole outfit beside the boots are from Target but the thing is, I got all these pieces at different times. I just thought they made a good outfit so I went with it. I hope everyone has a great start to there week.
love, Carlee
Tank, Pants, Jacket: Target
Boots: Cathy Jean


  1. Those pants are pretty darn wonderful, such a great cut and color!

  2. Girl you hair is like, ON POINT. I love your golden locks! Those pants look amazing on you as well, I really love how you've styled them! Aw I had no idea RHCP was performing! I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove Anthony Kiedis. He is one weird, sexy man. Haha!

  3. Love the color of your pants!
    Have fun on your upcoming birthday :)

  4. love the pants!

  5. Great pants! They looks so comfy and I love how you dressed them up with a lace detailed top. Cute look :)
    the way to my Hart


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