Friday, February 28, 2014

365 project: February

My project 365 theme for this year is US. Meaning Clark and I. I want to take 365 photos (one each day) of us/what we are doing/ eat/ liking/ watching/ etc. So don't worry all the photos won't be face shots. Anyways here is February:
1. We got a new/ bigger TV and we are watching the Office on it. 
2. Went for a Sunday jog with our pup before we settled down for the Super Bowl. Go Hawks.
3. I like Oats N' Dark Chocolate and he likes Dark Chocolate Cherry.
4. Just hanging on the couch.
5. Another one. Last minute photo.
6. Late night post office run and there might have been ice cream involved.
7. On the bed. Pretend you don't see extra pillows stuffed under there. #ineedabedskirt 
8. Close up photos from a day we shot outfit photos.
9. We had cheeseburgers for dinner. Yum.
10. It snowed again!
11. And we played in it because Knox loves the snow and Clark got work off.
12. We ordered in pizza. Thin crust Hawaiian!
13. Clark and I pulled the mattress out to the living room and camped out and watched Into the Wild.
14. These are my favorite Valentine's Day candy. My mom sent them over -thanks mom.
15. I love this photo. Knox looks so sweet.
16. I am working on temporary tattoos, testing them out. Hopefully soon to come to the shop.
17. Outfit photos. I love this photo because you can see the camera in Clark's sunglasses.
18. Walking around the block. Love the sunny day and exercise.
19. Cold Stone date.
20. Finishing up the Butterfinger Hearts and being silly.
21. Vans. Mint green for me and Orange for him.
22. Our trip to Yates Mill.
23. Sunday morning pancakes.
24. On the couch at the end of the day.
25. Our laundry.
26. Socks. Short white for him and long black for him.
27. Snuggle time.
28. Making no bakes last night. (So technically not from today, I wanted to get a pic this morning but forget. Sorry)

I am happy with how this project is going and it is fun to see little snaps from each day. Not all days are glamourous and filled with adventure but that is okay. View January if you would like. 

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