Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cobblestone sidewalks

Over the weekend, Clark and I headed downtown to the Riverside dog park to let Knox play with the other dogs. We actually hadn't gone to the dog park in a few weeks because Knox got a cut and had to wear a cone for a while so he was really excited to go over the weekend. We stopped to take some photos on the tree line streets of downtown and it is so pretty right now. There are also the best cobblestone streets downtown but of course there are car driving them and I am got trying to dodge moving traffic so sidewalk it is.
Yesterday we signed a lease for another year at our apartments! We really do like the place we live and it is nice that we are all settled here. It actually wont be a year until early July but I still can't believe that I have almost been living in NC for a year. Time goes by so quickly! I am excited to invited our friends over for a BBQ and pool party in June/July and just enjoy the summer months with each other and our friends.
We are actually headed to the lake with some friends this Sunday for some Memorial Day fun. We are gonna have a cook out and do some boating and play in the water. It should be a good time and I hope the weather will be nice. And another thing thank goodness it is Wednesday, it has already felt like a super long week. 
love, Carlee
Sweater: American Eagle
Tank & Sandals: Old Navy
Shorts: H&M

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