Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Taking stock v.01

Making: lots of plans to travel and explore.
Cooking: lots of yummy new dinner recipes. Last night we had chicken zucchini honey garlic stir fry.

Drinking: Water. 
Reading: Fitness and inspiring weight loss blogs. These people are so inspirational. 
Wanting: some chocolately desserts
Looking: for the best prices for envelopes. I am thinking of changing from white to colors/kraft.
Playing: around in photoshop with some random fun photos. 
Wasting: vegetables. Not on purpose of course. But I found myself throwing out celery/squash this week because it went bad before we ate it. Bummer. 
Sewing: nothing.
Wishing: that my ankles will stop being so sore and I can start running again. 
Enjoying: ALL the Mother's Day orders I has received this last week. SO GRATEFUL. If you ordered from my shop, thank you. 
Waiting: for the Challenge: Free Agents to come on MTV. It's our favorite. 
Liking: that Clark doesn't mind when I insist on going on a walk every evening. 
Wondering: when the baby geese will hatch in the nest in the Kohl's parking lot. 
Loving: that people buy things that I make and design. I mean how cool it is to have people like/want something you made. I love it.
Hoping: that Knox's cut on this leg heals soon so we can take the 'cone of shame' off of his head. 
Marveling: at all the wildlife we have right behind our apartment complex. We have been taking walks like crazy and we had found turtles, frogs, geese and baby geese. 
Needing: to finish my disposable camera. I have 6 photos left. I don't want to rush into finishing them but I WANT to get my camera developed. 
Smelling: puppy paws. 
Wearing: new socks (one of the best things)
Following: some great blogs. 
Noticing: that Knox is shedding so bad lately. We are brushing him and vacuuming like crazy. 
Knowing: that I only have one month until I run a 10K! 
Thinking: about what to have for dinner the rest of the week. I like having a plan. 
Bookmarking: tropical pattern anything especially swim suits. 
Opening: a container of left over mashed potatoes. They are the best. And my favorite comfort food. 
Giggling: about some funny post on iFunny actually more about the comment section. 
Feeling: motivated (great great thing)

love, Carlee

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