Monday, May 19, 2014

Saturday Night Pizza Date

On Saturday, Clark and I headed to Mellow Mushroom to get some pizza. I am a fan of pizza and I love the Mellow Mushroom so we knew it was the perfect place to get some yummy comfort food on a laid back Saturday. A couple of weeks ago Clark and I were taking a walk around our neighborhood and he said, "I want to eat outside on the porches at restaurants as much as possible this summer." I was like Hell Yeah what an awesome goal and even awesomer that Clark suggested it and not me. So we got to accomplish that goal this night and it was the first of many summer nights getting to sit on restaurant porches and enjoy a meal.
We enjoyed a large mighty meaty pizza. We didn't eat the whole thing and got to have some yummy leftovers for lunch on Sunday. Cold leftover pizza for the win. We also split a root beer float which I enjoyed very much. Nothing like some hard vanilla ice cream with soda to refresh you on an almost summer night. Also you can see in the above photo that I took my hair out of the braid, well it was a little too messy and starting falling out so I was like screw it and took it out. Just in case you guys needed an explanation. 
Yesterday was our cleaning day. We usually clean on Sunday, fold laundry, dishing, vaccuum but yesterday was some massive cleaning. I scrubbed the bathroom clean, Clark vaccuumed, I did the kitchen and organized. Then we both went out and cleaned the car, vaccuuming, windows etc. Having a dog that is in the middle of his shedding time also doesn't help with keep the house clean but after our cleaning session the house left so much better. Ahhh pizza and a clean house, perfect weekend. Did you do anything fun over the weekend?
Shirt & Sunglasses: American Eagle
Pants: H&M
Sandals: Old Navy

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