Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Saturday Putt Putt

This past Saturday Clark and I went Putt-Putting and it was a really good time. The weather was nice and it was Saturday so the place was pretty full of families. When we walked in Clark said "do we need a kid to be in here?" I laughed he was joking of course. We actually lucked out and didn't really have any pushy people behind us or any 'to slow' people in front of us. It was nice to just relax and go at our own pace and enjoy the day. These are the memories I want to remember. These are the photos that I don't want to earse and regret later for not being able to find them. That is why I am sharing them here.  I know that there is just us two right now and a dog so you think every day would be date night but it's not. Most days its relaxing on the couch so it's fun to get to have a teenageish kitschy date night once in awhile which is exaclty what this was.
Things we saw:
We did happen to see a little kid accidentally hit it sister in the head with the putter, there was crying and consoling of course. 

A dead bird was on the course covered in flies right behind the 4th hole tee. 

2 kids that were behind us got hole-in-ones on a green that took me 4 tries to get in. 

Happy Tuesday
love, Carlee

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