Sunday, July 6, 2014

We spent July 4th at the ballpark

We spent the 4th of July in Durham, NC having a really good time and eating really good food. On the 4th, I got tickets for the USA vs Chinese Tiapet team at the Durham Bulls ballpark. I did this for two reasons. 1. I wanted a good place to watch fireworks on the 4th of July and I knew if I bought tickets to this game, I would have a good seat. 2. I wanted to go to another game this summer and this just seemed like a great opportunity. The USA team ended up winning, thank goodness. Because it was July 4th and MERICA, guys! 
At the Durham Bulls stadium there really isn’t a bad seat. (well maybe in the outfield) Last time I went I bought the most expensive tickets for behind the plate and they cost $23.00 per person this time I bought tickets in the same location just up a little bit and they only cost $10.00 and I was just as satisfied with where I was sitting. But either way you go the tickets aren’t really that expensive so it’s a win win situation. Another thing  I really like about going to the Durham Bulls ballpark is they play off the movie Bull Durham. Which is one of the reasons I originally wanted to go watch this baseball team. They have an intro play on the big screen telling the audience the rules for the ballpark and it has scenes from the movie. They also have a Crash, Nuke, and Annie race with giant blow up people. (They didn’t have that the last time we went) Basically, it just has a really good atmosphere and if your in NC and like baseball I recommend seeing a game. Also best photo I could get of Clark and I is above. According to Clark the sun was really bright out... it’s understandable. 
I was also really impressed with the firework display. The fireworks were awesome and it went on for a long time. I snapped these photos at the very beginning then put my camera down and just enjoyed them for the next 10 minutes or so. They also had America music playing in the background over the loud speaker like Firework, Party in the USA, Rock in the USA, Proud to be an American etc. It was a really good day. If I can’t spend the 4th of July with the rest of my family, I am glad I get to at least have a fun time with Clark.

What did you do for the 4th? 
love, Carlee

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  1. Those firework photos are incredible!! It looks like y'all really had a blast!


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